Pennbridge Artist Partnership


Pennbridge is a digital exhibition gallery built around promoting its Partnered Artists’ work to customers and collectors globally.  In a time where our homes have become remote offices, classrooms, or simply a place to have virtual drink with a friend, we’re all looking for ways to bring the light and culture of the outside world into our now multi-functioned living spaces.  Pennbridge provides our customers with ready-to-hang artwork to transform their walls and strengthen the connection with the world of exploration and social connectivity we hope to return to soon.

For Partnered Artists, Pennbridge is designed to provide a simple platform for their artwork to be sold and distributed.  Primarily, this is centered around a few key services:

  • Paid digital promotion of Partnered Artists’ work
  • Printing, framing, and shipping of work to our customers
  • All logistics and customer service

Importantly, Pennbridge Partnered Artists retain complete ownership of their artwork, and can decide to remove selected works from the platform at any time.

Pennbridge provides a simple pricing breakout for our customers (S/M/L) for framed prints, with 50% of profit of artwork sales going to artists.  Below is our profit breakout, which we will continue to update as we work with our suppliers to lower production cost based on volume:

Print Size Production Cost Price Profit Artist Share Site Share
S - 11x14 $100 $199 $99 $49.50
- 16x24 $162
- 24x36 $270

 Our goal is to provide complete transparency with our Partnered Artists with any production cost or customer pricing changes.

In order to successfully promote their work, Pennbridge asks for permission to use Partnered Artists’ names and social media handles on its sites and social media pages.  Additionally, Pennbridge asks for artists to deliver artwork they intend to exclusively distribute through the site.

Generally, Partnered Artists deliver 3-5 selections of their work, either as an associated series or independent pieces, via DropBox.  Ideally, these are uncompressed files to ensure the highest fidelity for large scale prints. 

We’re excited to venture down this partnership and want to work as a team to improve the platform in expanding it’s reach to our customers and collectors.  Thank you for being a part of this evolving collective of artists and friends.